About Us

British Curriculum system rebuilt and refined for education Exellence

Trevor Ryan- Head of department & Founder.
Jason Oosthuizen — Founder & MD.

Our Story

Bateleur Education was built on the premise of providing premium education at a lower cost in order to make it accessible to a wider audience to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to be qualified in the highest standard curriculum.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Meet our team of industry veterans that will take your education to the next level!

Trevor Ryan

Trevor is a founding member of bateleur education and one of the many brilliant minds. 

Dianne Schubert

Dianne is one of our educational veterans and a master of the Cambridge curriculum. 

Jason Oosthuizen

Jason is a skilled electives teacher and a skilled systems manager. 

Zaneé Hattingh

Zaneé is a very versatile teacher that can teach in any curriculum and will be teaching our P1 – 6 classes. 

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